Which garage door is best for your house?

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When deciding on a garage door you will discover a number of different things you need to think about, and today we hope to be able to point out a few of the choices and options you will need to think about. A garage door can be quite a costly investment, so it is in your best interests to make a smart decision. So which style is going to be best for your home? Exactly what material is best? Read below to learn more.

Wood Doors
Garage doors can be found in numerous materials to suit nearly all budgets. In case you are on a rather limited budget then you could possibly take a look at a masonite garage door. Lots of homes come with masonite garage doors as they are a reasonably economical and dependable choice.
The entire garage door isn't actually masonite, because the masonite is covered by a glossy laminated surface which helps shield it against the weather conditions. This is a great option for the majority of homeowners who reside in a somewhat relaxed climate. Wooden doors offer middle of the road insulation which means this is something to take into account in case you reside in a cooler climate. The price tag on a door like this is just around $550 or so.
If you are after a higher quality wooden door, then cedar or mahogany may be a very good option. These types add a very fashionable look to your property and add fantastic curb appeal, however can cost you between $800-$2000. Also do not forget that these types of doors need to be stained every few years to keep them in good shape.

Metal Type Garage Doors
Metal garage doors are another preferred choice but these normally cost a little more as opposed to wood types. For a middle of the road door you will probably pay between $500 and $1500. The main advantage of metal garage doors is they need close to no maintenance. Wood garage doors normally need a layer of varnish every few years to help keep them looking in good condition, but steel doors only need a quick wash with a soapy brush every once in a while to get them appearing new! Metal doors don’t provide great insulation, but several of the mid and upper range doors include insulated sides and bottoms which ensures good insulation.
The problem with metal is the fact that a few of the cheaper metal garage doors are quite flexible, and are inclined to dent easily if they are hit by something like tree branches or even a strong wind.
The budget steel doors come in a thickness of 27 or 28 gauge, which happens to be alright when you don’t reside in a very windy area. Middle of the road metal garage doors are available in a 25 or 26 gauge range, and they are normally dent less as well as have better resistance to wind. The top range series of metal garage doors are created in 24 gauge reinforced metal. These are built to stand up to severe climate conditions, but certainly come at a price.
Steel garage doors are designed to look like wooden doors, so if this is the style you're going for then metal doors might be the right choice.

Fiberglass Garage Doors
One other possible choice is fiberglass. It is really an economical solution, and the frames are usually surrounded in aluminum. These are generally more dent proof than the cheaper metal doors, yet deliver poor insulation and the finish tends to fade if they are exposed to the weather for long periods. The key benefit of fiberglass is that it is quite resistant to salt water corrosion and this is without a doubt your best option in case you live near to the coast.

When it comes to choosing your garage door you will find quite a few different choices and options you can make to enhance the appearance and functionality of the garage door.
A good choice can be the addition of a window. Window panes are a preferred decision in garage doors since they make the door look more pleasing, plus more significantly add light into the garage. Prior to deciding if that is the best option, you have to consider the security facet of adding windows. Do you store many items of worth in the garage, and if so will you be comfortable with anybody being able to look into the garage? If you happen to live in a safe neighborhood then this shouldn’t really be an issue, but it is something to keep in mind nonetheless.

Then you must consider insulation, which could all depend upon what sort of climate you live in. For those who reside somewhere warm like Southern California then that will not be a problem at all. For all of us who live in colder parts of the country we have to think about if we have to have this feature on our garage doors. Some people are inclined to spend considerable time in the garage, therefore an insulated door could save a lot on heating bills in the cooler months.

Now we must look at the finish of the garage door. Most wood doors are pre-stained, therefore you only have to worry about re-doing this a few years in the future. Nearly all fiberglass and low end to mid range steel doors are pre-primed so that they are ready to paint. Additionally quite a few manufacturers provide the option to paint the garage door to your requirements for a little extra so this is something to consider.

The very last decision you will have is whether to settle for a tilting or a roller garage door. If you already have an existing garage door you will more than likely keep with your present variety, but if you are building a brand new garage you will need to choose between those two. Roller doors normally cost a little more, and they often necessitate expert installation. Tilting doors are much easier to install, but have to have a little more space in front of the door so it is able to open up properly.

Hopefully the information provided above will help you pick the best garage door for your residence. Be sure you pick carefully, and shop around to get the best deal! This site gives some good info to help you out.

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